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Welcome to Inland Speed Track Days where we ride the Spokane Raceway road course!

Announcement Most of the Inland Speed schedule is cancelled this season and riders are encouraged to attend the Code Red Racing track days. Code Red Racing is running a two day event on July 17 and 18. This event will have separate sessions for cars and bikes, and it will be run similar to the Inland Speed events that you have attended in the past. It is anticipated that other upcoming Code Red Racing events will also include a session for bikes.

You can find their full schedule by searching

Stay Tuned

2015 Event Dates


Monday, May 25 Complete
Sunday, July 19 Canceled 
Sunday, Aug 16 Tentative 
Monday, Sept 7 Tentative 
*Additional Dates Pending


Additional Details Bikes will get at least one 20 minute session per hour. If there is a large bike turnout, Code Red Racing will consider adding more bike sessions. This decision will be made during the morning Driver/Riders meeting. It is anticipated that the bike group will be small enough that A, B, and C riders can run together. Depending on the number of cars and bikes that show up, 30 minute sessions may be run instead of 20 minute.

The links below are for the July 17 and 18 events and have been updated to show a $175 bike price. There is also a $50 discount if you sign up for two days. Once you go to the link below you can continue to the signup pages where you can choose the bike session.

July 17, Friday -

July 18, Saturday -

Other dates – Search Code Red Racing on motorsportreg website.

Code Red Racing is running these events, but we do anticipate several of the control riders you are familiar with will be there to help out as needed. Please sign up and pay in advance through the motorsportreg website so that we can plan the level of support needed for our bike group.

If there are more questions please email Cody Smith. You will find Cody's email at the links above. You can also use the "contact us" from our webpage.


2013/2014 event photos here:
Click here to visit Paul's Website

2012 event photos here:
Click here to visit Gary's Website
Please watch our website for any updates or schedule changes about the upcoming events. Feel free to email or use the website contact if you have any questions.
Thanks again from the entire Inland Speed staff and see you at the track


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