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Welcome to Inland Speed Track Days where we ride the Spokane Raceway road course!

Announcement 9/11/15
The September 25 track day is a car and bike combined event with Code Red Racing. We need at least 10 bikes signed up to make a bike session happen. Bikes will have one 20 minute session per hour. You can sign up on our website like usual.

Monday, Sept 25

Riders that are interested in more Spokane Raceway track time are encouraged to check out the Code Red Racing track days. Code Red Racing is running combined car and bike events. The track days have separate sessions for cars and bikes, and are run similar to the Inland Speed events. You can find out more about Code Red and their schedule at the following links:

You can find their full schedule by searching


2013/2014 event photos here:
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2012 event photos here:
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Please watch our website for any updates or schedule changes about the upcoming events. Feel free to email or use the website contact if you have any questions.
Thanks again from the entire Inland Speed staff and see you at the track


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